Coolbicying.com is proud to announce that we will be covering the entire 2005 Dodge Tour de Georgia live with daily updates, photos and race highlights.  This will be our first attempt at live coverage of any event and we will also be covering this years Athens Twilight Criterium.  All of this live coverage will be a shakedown for our coverage of this years Le Tour de France.  While we are a small site that has no commercial intent or sponsors, we want to present the cycling community with a view of the race from a enthusiasts perspective.

   This years Tour de Georgia is a six day stage race which begins in Augusta and finishes in Alpharetta.  The race is approximately 655 miles of first class riding through the most scenic areas of Georgia.  Most of the start and finishing towns have hosted stages in previous years events.  Every year this race becomes better organized and executed and I expect this years to be the premier stage race to ever be held in the United States.

    I am super proud that Dodge will be sponsoring this event again.  I currently own 5 Dodge vehicles and every new vehicle purchase I have made over the past 20 something years has been produced under the Chrysler Corporation group of companies.  For me it is "MOPAR or NO car!"  Or as I once heard a distinguished gentleman say, "if you can't buy a real car then buy a Ford."  Of course I do own one Ford but the way in which it came to me was kinda convoluted.  It is a 1963 model and was manufactured and sold the same month I was born so I guess I will keep it until I can trade it for a Mopar that was built in February of 1963.  

    If you can't be at this years Tour (but you should) then check in with us for our daily updates.   We will spend each day on the course and after each stage finish I will type up my thoughts and observations for ya'll to read.   I will also upload a few photographs along with the final results and standings.  After the race is finished I plan on posting a complete photo album for each stage.  Of course I can't be everywhere so if any of ya'll have any good photos or comments to submit please send them to bicycling@coolbicycling.com.

   The race is over and I am whipped.  Sometimes I think following a race like this is almost as hard as riding it.  Especially if you are trying to photograph it, report on it and build a website all at the same time.  I presently have 44 pages posted on the race and have lots more photos and info to fill in.  I expect to post at least 20 more pages over the next week or two.  With the Athens Twilight coming up next week I don't think I can get it all done before the weekend.  Check out next weeks coverage of the Twilight.








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